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picking up the new car thursday

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well the wife won the xk's got to go :(,well her illness did,the dealers offered me 17k so if anyone is looking for a xk send me a pm

dave ,

what,s the replacement is the next question ......................well your just going to have to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It had better be that XFR with the red leather! Don't come back here with somethin German, that's all I can say....
well it is over 500bhp
The 500 club

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A8 6 W-12 (500 hp)
R8 coupe & spyder (525 hp)
R8 GT coupe & spyder (560 hp)
2013 S8 (520 hp) (summer launch)
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911 Turbo S (530 hp)
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Ghost (563 hp)

Let me guess, you bought a Flying Spur! :cool:
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Go on Dave please say XFR :)
not long now
5.0 XJ Super Sport ????????
I'll forgive you if you bought a Supercharged Range Rover...
big big clue it's an estate and there was only 222 built for the uk market
Oh crap he bought a're off the team....
don't be silly
Must be a Range Rover then....:D
Chrysler 300C SRT8.
Yes it's Thursday, where's Dave???
Friday now.....He must be enjoying it, what ever IT is.....
Dave please say you haven't got the Victoria Beckham Range Rover? lol
didn't pick it up till late last night ,i'm just getting it really to take some pics ,

i HOPE it doesn't offend but it's one of those cars you must own once (if your a petrol head)
M5 tourer ?
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