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Please help me love my S-Type again!!

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Hi all,

I recently asked for help with regards to my key fobs not working on my S Type. I followed the 1st piece of advice I received regarding carrying out manual programming, before seeing other peoples replies (over a week ago). Obviously it didn't work as I now know this is for X Types, but what it has done is cause even more problems. Because I tried it several times (ignition on/off 8x etc), as advised, now all that happens is when Im using the car the screen just comes on/off/on/off/on/off constantly. This means I cant use the satnav/radio/climate control etc. Very annoying! I have disconnected the battery for an hour or so but reconnected and its still doing it. Any ideas how I can stop it? It has been doing it constantly for well over a week, on/off/on/off/on/off/on/off/on/off! Oh, and the key fobs still don't work which I have resided to the fact I'm going to have to take it in to a specialist :-(

I absolutely love my car, and until the past few weeks have always been so pround to own it and drive around in it but these niggles recently,as well as the engine light now being illuminated on the dashboard has really put the dampeners on it. This also brings me to another question- why would the engine light be illuminated, the car runs and drives perfectly?!

Thanks loads in advance, much appreciated,

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I don't know about the key fob problem but regarding the engine light i would like to quote what 04str has said on many threads 'Get the codes read!'
Yeah I intend to get the codes read when programming the key fobs, my main question was about the screen really- i thought it might be an easy fix to someone in the know? Any suggestions anyone, other that disconnecting and reconnecting the batery?
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