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Post needs approval?

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What's going on here? My post needs approval from a moderator?

Just made a new post in the X350 forum, and I get this;

Haven't had any warnings....recently....
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Another function of the new forum.
I did post previously that some posts are automatically moderated and at that time and even now I cannot see what these post were as they are auto deleted as far as I can see.
I'll go and see what is in the queue just now. Some are queued for approval.
Thanks for the clarification RM.

But I still don't see my post (about steering wheel compatibility) so I really hope it wasn't auto-deleted.

I'm really not in the mood to re-type the whole post, it took me long enough to find the pictures and explain myself the first time...

I'm trying my best to stay postive about the breaking-in period with the new forum....however....this is another letdown.
I approved it immediately after posting the reply to you in this thread yesterday.
I viewed it - displaying the images correctly in the X350 section. It was also seen in the list view in that section. However I see it has gone this morning having read your comments and cannot offer any explanation. Searched your posts and nothing.
I do not have access to moderator logs on this version of the forum so cannot see what has been done.
It has not gone back to the moderation queue as I would see it. In fact there is nothing there this morning which is unusual.

So...what causes a post to need moderator approval? it to deal with naughty boys? Or sensitive subjects?...or is it just a random way to get members backs up?
Just wondering....
Obviously this doesn't affect I'm a good girl :)...even though my "new best friend"...has got a bit of a misguided reputation as a naughty boy lol
Certain words. Links in the posts. Images in the posts.
The ones that are dealt with automatically I cannot say as they are deleted.
I had linked to three or four external images with very different web addresses, maybe that was it....?
Probably that was the reason for it to held back but I did "approve" it though, it was visible to all then it disappeared at some point. Cannot explain that.
Would it not make more sense if the auto delete function was turned OFF until these teething problems are sorted? I'm sure a little spam here and there could easily be dealt with - one things for sure though, after seeing what happened here, my own forum is staying on phpbb3 not a mission of changing to this thing (still can't find/use the smilies either) :-/
No control over that at this time.
im new here and posted earlier in the new members forum
i attached 4 pictures from photobucket
i got the same message but i thought this was because i was a new member?
This just happened to me, I got the same message. How odd.
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