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Posted before but really need some ideas

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I have a 2.5 petrol 02 jag, only had it for about 5 weeks, but day after buying it i suffered a heart attack so had to wait till 2 weeks ago to start driving it, i love the car but getting really frustrated as the rear wheels keep squeaking, i have had the wheels off and copper greased the pads, also made sure they were aligned, seems like whoever had the car before me put new pads in, when driving the car from cold, there is no squeaking, but after a short time, they start to squeak, as soon as any pressure put on the brake pedal they stop squeaking, but start again as soon as taking foot of brake pedal, it was so bad today i had to close my window as it got so loud, as i have said, i have copper greased the pads etc, i have turned the pistons so the pads are aligned, as it did not seem whoever put them in before had aligned them properly, i have no play in the wheel so dont think its the bearings. really need some ideas guys before i lose my rag as it is really annoying me.
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The earlier cars had different rear calipers from the later (2004-) cars.
The trouble with these earlier calipers is the hand brake mechanisim can stick/seize and you've guessed it, cause squeaking, hot wheels and the usual brake binding problems.

There's no real, 100% sure fire way of sorting long term, as new calipers will go the same way eventually.
You can fit the later calipers and pads, pick some up used of fleabay, I think many have writen they are just a swap over, so hangers and cables are the same, but it's worth checking.

You can have a go at cleaning/lubing the handbrake ratchet on the inside/rear of each caliper.

There maybe some help on the forum somewhere in the past, so worth a search.
Firstly, hope you're feeling better after your HA.

I think the later type calipers need the carrier changing too, and the pads of course, as they are a different shape. One of mine did this some weeks back. I had smoke, flames (not really) and horrible smell of burning money, I mean brake pads. It was the caliper seized on the nearside. My local, and rather fantastic indie replaced the caliper for another one. They got a reconditioned one with a warranty for a fraction of the cost of new. They got it delivery and fitted with a few hours.
Problem solved.
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