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I woke up today in the sure and certain knowledge that my fresh from the lathe, press contraption would remove the rear bottom air spring bushes without any problem and without removing the air springs. Several hours later the first air spring was out and on the bench. My knuckles were skinned and several pieces of stripped and snapped high tensile stud bar and twisted washers littered the ground. Not so smug now PDMiller:( Those bushes are b£&&$y tight.
On the bench I got it out using the time honoured method of carefully splitting the bush with a hacksaw then pressing it out. My now battle hardened press worked well pressing the new bush into the cleaned and lubricated boss and will be used again next week when I do the other side.
Moral of the story is that it's worth taking the air springs out IMHO, much easier than I thought in would be.
If anyone is contemplating this madness in the future the bush sizes are as follows:

Bottom bush is 40mm OD and 50mm long so press bush needs to be slightly smaller and the one at the other end slightly bigger. The inside Dia of the press bush has to be 37 mm to clear the plastic seal on the new bush. I sacrificed an old socket and machined out the inside to 37mm to a depth of about 10mm.
Inside Dia of the new bottom bush is 14mm so 12mm or 1/2" stud bar will do.

I should be in the pub now bragging about my success to anyone who would listen, not licking my wounds and psyching myself up to do the other side:-?
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