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Rabbits Teeth

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I know this has been posted before somewhere but cant find it on this forum.

I'm looking at removing my XKR billet grills and rabbits teeth to replace it with the one piece grill. Am I correct oin thinking that there is an easier way to do it, or do I have to remove the bumper. Looking for a couple of hours project rather than a full day. !!!
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Nose removal essential for a proper job.
Awwwwwww, there goes me Sunday
For a Jaguar, no problem - Because It's Worth It!!
You will need to remove the nose cover. The rabbits teeth and chrome strake are held to the bumper bar with large fir tree clips.
I found nose cone removal easy. Takes half an hour. But I recommend removing the wheel for better access. I removed the wheel arch, for better access, but I was in the process of stripping my car for paint spraying.
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