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Radiator fans and rear light problems

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After a recent major body repair to my x type diesel 05 i had numerous electrical problems with help from forum members i have solved a lot of them but still have issues,car now starts and instrument cluster working i now have the glow plug flashing,air bag flashing and engine management flashing i know these may have to be cleared or read using diagnostic machine,but i have a few other problems i hope someone can help me with first one is drivers side rear headlight/sidelight not working also no rear fog lights either side tried the obvious swapping bulbs about etc still same problem,the other problem i have is when i first start car from cold a red light is light on the speedo i am led to believe this is to show high engine temp but engine is stone cold it stays on as long as car is running also i have let the temp gauge get up to half way and it does not seem to go any higher but engine seems to be getting warmer but the fans do not switch on
any help or advice would be great.
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on the radiator fans i have been having the same problem mine is a 2009 2.0 diesel that had a light front crash and the fans never came on but i realised that a/c was not working due to a leak so i sorted the leak out regased the system and now my fans are running i had taken the car to the main dealers and they found nothing wrong with the car dont go down the same path trust me i waisted money ,pm me if you need assistance on this as i have had to buy a new fan crowls and modules
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