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Rear park sensors estate

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My rear park assist doesnt work, I have checked the sensors and all "click" so happy they are ok. It is either the module (its an estate and has had water in the spare wheel well a few times, but never deep enough to affect the module I would have thought) or the speaker itself which I understand is in the headlining behind the driver and not easy to get at.

My question is does anyone think it viable to "loan" another module and try that for elimination purposes, and if so would I need the same year etc do they differ? Also anyone any idea how much they cost?
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Methinks there was two modules

One with a single block connector
Parking Aid Module 1X43-15K866-AB - X-Type Parts

And one with three smaller, brown connectors
Parking Aid Module 4X43-15K866-AC - X-Type Parts
Well, my 55 plate and my wifes 54 plate both have the 3 plug box.

The issue I found with the estate's box is it gets wet and dies. My diesel suffered from this, but I ended up changing the car before I changed the box!

Second hand prices for the 3 connector box were around £70 when I looked last year...

if you *do* replace the box, it might be a good idea to put it in a plastic bag first, to protect it.
Cheers Goudy, the first one cant be mine as it states for petrol only and mine is a diesel (Not sure why that makes a difference for such a part?) the second one looks like it although mine is silver colour. I am a bit reluctant to buy such parts second hand unless you can tell if they actually work. Price not as bad as i thought though. I would still like to ascertain what the fault is before replacing either the module or the speaker. May have a go at taking headlining out on bank holiday weekend, but am concerned cannot get back in place properly afterwards
The speaker for the reverse sensors, I found mine above the amp near the module cage in the boot in my estate.
I'm lead to believe the factory fitted units had the speaker in the headling just behind the driver and certainly thats where it sounded like it was (when it still made a noise), when you say "module cage" what do you mean, my module is in the spare wheel wheel mounted on the side
By cage, i mean where the sat nav, cd changer, premium sound amp etc is stored.
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