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Rear Parking Aid

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Hi all, When I put the car in reverse you never know what will happen with the 'Parking Aid' it may work fine, it may go bep-bep-bep-bep all the time or it may give one continuous beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I have found flushing the 4 sensors with water helps when they have dried off. Any thoughts? Does anyone know the diameter of the sensor hole, I may fit an after market unit.
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The long tone indicates a fault, switch engine off put in reverse and turn ignition on (dont start it!) so that reversing lights are on but engine isnt running, then put your ear close and listen to each sensor you should hear a high pitch click from each one if its working if not then you have found the duff one.
Have a look at this thread it might help in diagnosing whats wrong
All 4 are clicking, like I said sometimes its OK other times its not. Just wondered if other found them to be flaky.
My sensors are the same chum. They only really play up in the rain which is a bummer because it rains in N.Ireland all the time. I see your an amateur. Me too. 2I0PTX. Consumed with thoughts of mobile HF at the minute. lol. Shall I drill a hole for my Chameleon V2L or use the existing car radio antenna hole?? Do you have a rafio in the car yourself? Sorry to go off topic
It looks to me you have a sensor ready to pack up. As the fault is intermittent wait until you get the continuous fault tone, then put the car in reverse, then get some one to put their ear to each sensor to find out which one is not ticking, this should detect the culprit. I have had problems in the past with my front and rear sensors and I have found it's usually the sensor rather than the parking aid module that's causing the problem. If you know a good indie local to you ask them to plug their computer in (find how much first) as their software should pin point the fault. I had a rear outer sensor faulty on my S type and this could be accessed by removing the rear light cluster (Son's got small hands) as usually it's a bumper removal job. Good luck Gos
Bluesman - Your right as the user name suggests. I run 2m and 70cms in the car with a co-linear on a boot mount, seems to work OK . You can just see it in the picture. Would like to run HF but the AE would be a problem, so leave that for the home QTH. Run 400w 80 through to 10. Check out

I gave up with trying to sort this out and fitted an after market one, works fine.

Does mean I have Jag 4 sensors (possible 1 duff) and a control unit, maybe OK for sale now. PM me.
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