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rear trailing arm bushes

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I've got a list of things to fix on my recently purchased 2.0D X Type, one of them is the rear trailing arm (hub carrier?) bushes, anyone had this done at a garage recently and if so, how much should it cost? Would appreciate any advice, trying to budget to restore car to top condition, looks like some maintenance has been skimped on. Local garage says its about a 2.5 hour job. Thanks.
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I diy'd them, they aren't easy without a press and puller, I burnt and cut the old out.
The rear bush knocks in with a socket resting on the outer shell, the front was a little trickier, made a plate with a hole to rest on the outer shell one side and a pipe around the other side of the arm, trapped it all in a vice and they popped in.

You could remove the arms, burn the rubber out of the arms, thread a hacksaw through the holes and nic through the outer metal shells, two careful cuts and they drop out.
Then fit polybushes, they just pop in with a bit of lube, a forum member sells them Poliurethane Bushes | Facebook
I'd have fitted them myself if I knew at the time.

I'd say 2.5 hours doesn't sound unreasonable for a garage to do them though.
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