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Received Daimler 2001 V8 LWB as a gift...

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Hello Everyone,

Have been thrown into the Daimler world by way of gift from my very wonderful business partner. Just took delivery of a 2001 Daimler V8 LWB with 30500 miles on the clock, 3 previous owners.

Have just moved from Baker Street to Harrow and this is my first car in 12 years.

Will have some questions to post, just going over the car this weekend.


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Wow you lucky bugger :) Welcome to the forum :):):)
Hey Jerry,

Thank you so much! Lucky indeed.

My partner has had 6 Daimlers so far in the last 32 years. He swears by them.

Admiring the car on the driveway.

Have a good evening.
Welcome to the forum deep, you are a lucky person:D
That's the same model and year as mine!
And i'm just down the road from you, too!
Must keep an eye out for each other!!
See you around! :)

Thank you.

Any recommendations for garages around here?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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