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Recent run fuel figures

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hopefullly this works thanks to barney.

i should have done a trip to barcelona but this was cancelled when i arrived in france at the shuttle terminal so i decided to go and see some friends in yper then get some **** and wine and head home the following day. these are taken whilst on the move at 2200 revs so around 74mph on cruise control. arriving home actual trip overall according to the computer was 54.2. ive still got a quarter of a tank left so will neck to neck during the week. but from previous experiances the computer is 0.2 ahead of pen and paper well calculator actually.
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Would have been nice if I did not have to crook my neck;)
Clearly its not an STR......
You need to buy some heavier boots ;)
Arrowlink 53,000 mls in 2 years! at those figures you have saved a good deal of cash.
yep. before the remap i was around 43-45 mpg. remap has paid for itself already as far as im concerned well worth it. and i feel every confidence in the car to continue for another 200.000 miles. had her pressure tested this morning all cylinders are as they where leaving the factory. booked in for a terraclean next week also. that should be interesting. im looking to crack the magic 60mpg :)
was yours remapped to economy or performance/economy? impressive figures arrowlink
Had it done with martin rowe a member on here. you can have 3. performance/economy/ or a mixture of both. i had the latter. rgds
Hi sorry i believe i have asked you before, I am thinking of doing mine (when i get this bl00dy air con sorted) :)
performance/economy/ or a mixture of both


What is the main difference between the 3 remaps in regards to bhp/ torque/ economy, did martin give specific figures, obviously with the remap you had using your own figures the economy is better how does the extra power feel, is it much faster


Bhp up from 205 to 250 and engine more responsive and smoother. would not go back to old settings for nothing. you can really notice the difference.
I assume this is a diesel with figures like that! Are remaps like this do-able on petrol engined cars?
250 Bhp & better economy for the middle setting, will have to pop over to martins place to find out how the other remaps compare to the one you`ve had.
I assume this is a diesel with figures like that! Are remaps like this do-able on petrol engined cars?
not do-able without major engine mods, cost would out-way any benefits.
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