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Remote Key Fob not working (2003 S Type 2.5 SE). Please help!!

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Hi all,

Please help!! My key fobs aren't working! (Not sure whether its since the batteries have been changed or not because I've been using the key manually for a month or so thinking it maybe something more serious!!)

Is there a way to program the keys manually? I've seen somewhere if you turn the ignition on/off 8 times, then press a button on the for when the ignition is on for the 9th time it re-programmes it, but I can't get it to work?

Any other suggestions would be hugely appreciated, thank you

PS- I really cant afford to go to the dealers so help really would be much appreciated. Thank you
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Have you tried to reprogram the keys , don't forget you will need to do both together, have you changed the batteries in the fobs. if not I would do that before hand, I assume they were working at one time whilst you have had the car?
That won't work for the S it's dealer only for programming, have you tried cleaning out all the crud around the buttons? That sometimes helps.
Do a quick check that the little flap in the ignition keyhole is closing properly when you remove the key. If it doesn't it inhibits reception from the keyfobs. Cheers!
Thanks for taking the time for trying to help everyone, much appreciated- I will have a try later and let you know how I get on!
X type manual procedure, S type diagnostic procedure.
No need for Dealer, take it to a good locksmith. we can plug in and code keys and remotes
Thanks gents.
I followed the 1st reply from barney100golf (manual programming), before seeing other peoples replies (This was over a week ago). Obvoiusly it dodn't work as I now know this is for X Typres, but what it has done is cause even more problems. Because I tried it several times, as advised, now all that happens is when Im using the car the screen just comes on/off/on/off/on/off constantly. This means I cant use the satnav/radio/climate control etc. Very annoying! I have disconnected the battery for an hour or so but reconnected and its still doing it. Any ideas how I can stop it? It has been doing it constantly for well over a week, on/off/on/off/on/off!

Thanks in advance, much appreciated, Ben
Hi all- The screen is still flashing on/off on/off constantly after following barney100golf (manual programming) advice. Has anyone any ideas how I can rectify it please. (Other than disconnecting the battery which I've tried several times).

Thanks all
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