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Removing the 6 CD changer - JTIS guide anyone?

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As per the subject, has anyone got the JTIS pics for removing the changer?
Also, if removed, what does it bugger up in terms of optics? (I have full BT phone, JaguarVoice, Nav etc)

My changer is nicely "clunking" when trying to scan the 6th disc, regardless of if one is in the cassette or not.
Have a look at this, it'll show you better (annotated YouTube)

Jag CD Changer Problem - YouTube

Thus, I'll need to get it out, but am not entirely sure how much grief that'll be...
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hi there fairly easy job, four bolts hold the changer to the cage and there is the power cable and the d2b fibre optic link cable. with the changer removed however the d2b fibre optics will no longer work so no more phone,voice or nav. the only way to make these work again is to remove the link for the cd changer but make sure the fibre optic signal still runs through all the devices in the correct order. the link cable for the fibre optics can be taken apart and relinked to add or remove gadgets but you do have to take care and be patient when doing this( i added a cd changer to my car, that only has phone bluetooth, made my own daisy link d2b using 2 single d2b cables) if you are confident of taking apart the d2b cable make sure you make a note of how the d2b signal goes through all devices and just remove the cd link but keep the signal going through the same way, if this is done correctly all gadgets will still work. you could get a cd changer from a breakers( thats what i did) and just replace the cd changer then no need to mess around with dismantling the link cable. or alternatively source a d2b link cable with all the links you need without the cd changer, it all depends of course on if you want to keep a cd changer and if you plan on getting yours fixed or replaced ? hope this helps.
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Thought you had to take the nav system out as well? (not to mention the boot liner, and all the hidden clips!)
the nav cd unit sits above the cd changer, but you should be able to still remove the cd changer without taking the whole unit out. you are correct in the removal of the near side boot liner, but this is fairly straight forward if you look there is only plastic push through clips that hold it in place but these are easy to pull out. this is however based on the saloon not too sure about the estate( you never said which one you have). mine was easy enough to figure out but i can understand not wanting to go just pulling at things, i could post some pictures up on this thread for you but wont be able to do it till sunday as thats my next day off work, dont know if you want to wait that long but if you want to just post again and ill get some done on sunday. or maybe someone else might post pics before then.
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