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Hi Alinton, I have the same issue with my Jaguar XFS Diesel 3.0, I have had a Performance Restriction on my car on and off from the last few weeks. It comes on after the car is warmed up and usually after going above 60mph. Recently it comes on quite quickly.

I've tried an OBD2 reset but it comes up again after 10-15 minutes of driving again. Even with RP you can still drive the car at higher speeds than 50mpg, ie 70-75 etc.

Im not even sure where I could review the inlet manifold to check if there is a crack. I was informed by the INDI Jaguar garage that their last Service in Dec 2017 was a major one (timing belt) and they would have cleaned the MAP sensor, so its possibly not that.

Id be really interested to see what solutions people come up with and any suggestions. :) Thanks
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