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Replace or repair a Sanden compressor?

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The air con shop has just confirmed that the front seal on my 4 ltr '93 XJS air con compressor is leaking and they can't seal it.

Has anyone replaced one of these successfully on a Sanden compressor? I have read some pretty dire warnings about failure rates on replacing front seals.

Or, has anyone info on whether the later model Sanden compressors (MHE7300AA &c) can be fitted in place of the earlier (CBC9845 or CCC4929) ones? There appear to be some differences in the protection systems fitted but, apart from a cryptic comment about blanking plug removal on one supplier's website, I haven't found anything definitive.

Jaguar Classic Parts want £690 +VAT for one of the later ones and although there are cheaper ones available, I'd rather be sure before spreading out that much for a replacement.
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Give these guys a call, they are breaking quite a few jag at the moment, so might have 2nd hand one for you quite cheap.
Excite Autos | Jaguar Parts
Thanks, Nikolarun. I want to avoid s/h at the moment as it's a bit difficult to verify the quality once the comp is out of the vehicle. But refurbing one is certainly an option.
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