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Replacement Wiper

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I want to replace the wiper on my X308, but wondered if anyone has tried/recommends any of the blade style wipers (as seen on eBay), or whether the standard Jag item is still considered the best bet.

My normal port of call for blades (Halfords) on previous cars were pretty damn useless - apparently, not only have my blades grown from the currently fitted 21inch wiper to 22inch ones, but it appears (according to them) that someone has stolen my passenger side blade !!! LOL !!!!!
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You can buy just the blade itself from Jaguar and slide it into the arm, they're Bosch and probably the best bet - I've used an Aero type but the last inch didn't hug the screen at rest, enough for me to go back to OEM.
I think the factory dealer one is very poor and changed mine for a flat one from ebay user fool_dog

And at the price certainly worth a go.

Yes it is raised on the end when parked, but performs much better.
One apiece so far :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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