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Replacing Auto Geabox oil in Sussex

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Hi Guys,

Having just bought a 2005 SE Auto 3.0 with 69,000 miles i am reading that I SHOULD get the " lifetime " gearbox fluid flushed & replaced. Local Harwoods disagree, stating could cause mose harm than good, especially as no trouble at current time..

Very confused. Should I or Shouldn't I ???

Any tell tale signs I should llok out for .. or just a bang one day.

Does anyone know a reputable independent in Sussex who has the equipment, technical knowledge & experience I may need for the work.
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Couple of Jag Specialists below for you , can give you more but they are farther away. We drive a manual therefor others may advise you better but, Harwoods may have a point, if it's running fine why disturb it?

If you get a problem you will know, then perhaps flush & replace fluid. If still concerned why not get second opinion? Suppose the question is to flush or not to flush? Personally I would consider Harwoods advice.

I have not used any of these (too far away) therefore they are not recommendations from me. However you can type their names in search box (top right of page) to see what is known about them. Recommend go take a look at them first see what you think. Some may do loan cars, always worth asking.


ARUN LTD (Service) Newpound, Wisborough Green, RH14 0AX. Tele. (01403) 708900
Servicing Modern /Classics. Expert Restoration Service
Arun Cars Ltd - Independent Jaguar Dealer

JAGTECH, Allens Yard, Nyton Road, Aldingbourne. Chichester. PO20 3UA.
Tele. 01243 545357 Servicing No Website Google Them
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Quite a few owners have had theirs done and have noticed the difference and I'm sure they will give their feedback.
I'm planning to have mine done soon. From what I've read It's a good preventative action to undertake.

If it's not done properly then you could potentially do more harm than good. Pick a good indy in that case.
Give King Automatic at Epsom a call and ask for their comments.
I recently had a Mondeo box repaired by them and was impressed with them.
I have not used them as yet but XJ Restorations in Eastbourne, East Sussex have a good reputation (from what I have heard).

Visited them recently for a chat and they seemed very knowledgeable and straightforward..
Had the same quandry on my previous BMW - take it to either a main dealer (ouch!) or an indy specialist and ask them, don't trust a regular garage that don't know the car.
I have had my car serviced by Aran a couple of times. I asked them this very question and they said if it's not playing up, leave it alone because it's sealedfor life.

They also promised to get back to ne about replacing some bushes and fixing my aircon. They haven't bothered. I don't think I'll take it to them again. They really didn't seem to give a shit.
Don't listen to all this "leave it alone" and "it'll do more harm than good". Talk to a real Jag expert like David Marks and he will say you MUST change the fluid. If you don't then gearbox failure is likely.

Look around this forum and you'll see the number of gearbox failures on so called "sealed for life" boxes.

What harm can fresh fluid and filter do?!!! It can only do good.

Arun Jaguar have been named and shamed on here before for poor work.
Asked Surrey Jag the same question, answer "Yes, recommended" Not a cheap job if done correctly, but well worth while, making a noticeable difference. I just don't agree with the advice of leave alone if no problem! A bit late changing the fluid when you have a problem. The transmission fluid surely must degrade with time and mileage, so change it!
The transmission fluid will degrade as its just a specific mineral oil from factory not synthetic
Have bought the stuff and its one of the next jobs on my 2.7d
Hi all, can the transmission fluid simply be drained & refilled or is flushing necessary ? From what I have read elsewhere on the forum flushing is recommended so would a drain & refill be beneficial at all ? (I have no issues currently so wonder whether a drain & refill would be preventative & worth doing.) CHEERS....Pete
A drain and refill would definitely be beneficial and preventative. I think a flush is better but not sure how you go about that. You replace the filter as well so all good.
Last thing I would do is put dirty degraded used mineral factory oil back in (remember it degrades and loses its properties over time as its not synthetic).Even a used replacement gearbox is one of the more expensive parts on the car to buy and costly labour to replace.A very risky strategy.
Why not just let the oil drain overnight to get more out?
Re reusing oil..... would you pour used gearbox oil in from another car as that would be the same thing?
Is there any benefit to flushing?
Surely there is a risk of flushing tiny particles (including from the magnets) back into the gears, exactly what you dont want to do?
I would leave this job to a tranmission specialist as advice from Mike Kennedy. I'm on the search for one in the Warwickshire area.

"Few if any Jaguar Main Dealers have full flush oil change equipment due to the high investment purchase costs which I understand to be around £20,000 for that equipment. If you take your car to a Main Dealer for this type of work, they are more than likely to contract the work out to an independent transmission specialist and charge you heavily for their time and effort.

I would try to find a local independent transmission reconditioning/service company. You need to make sure they have worked on a Jaguar previously and understand the gearbox oil changing does not just mean taking the sump off and replacing the oil there in.

it is important to understand that a large quantity of oil is held in the torque converter and oil cooler system. This must also be changed and not ignored. Whilst the cooler can be drained, the converter does not have a drain plug. Therefore to do a correct and proper oil change, specialist equipment must be used. This removes the old oil and cleans out the internal components of the gearbox and converter. It is impossible to do this without the correct equipment.

In addition, the car must be run up to the correct temperature, with rear wheels lifted from the ground and the transmission cycled a set number of times whilst maintaining the correct transmission temperature. Oil refill is via the breather unit and it is not easy to reach without a bent tube or pipe attached to an oil refill pump.

This work is best left to the specialists"
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A good summary

All I would add is that I have read it described as like dialysis in that the pumbing is intercepted and hooked up to the equipment and the old oil extracted while new is replacing it. I assume until the oil coming out looks like new.

"This work is best left to the specialists"
I second this.
Anyone recommend someone in Essex/Suffolk/Cambridgeshire who could do this job ?
Just to confuse me further, just had this reply from a Hailsham specialist in Auto Gearboxes:

We follow the exactrecommendations as set by ZF who are the manufacturer of this unit. Theyrecommend an oil change as I have quoted you as you have no shifting issues.
'The double flush' as they callit is recommended by ZF as a remedy for some shifting issues and consists ofdoing what I have quoted then running the car to get it hot then repeating theoperation.
This is the procedure as laidout by ZF themselves. There are so called flushing systems available on themarket these are NOT recommended by ANY OE manufacturer as all they do isdilute the old transmission fluid with new and in most cases the makers ofthese machines claim no need to change the transmission filters! Thiscannot be a good idea as all the contamination will still be in the system.
I hope this answers yourquestions.

Best Regards,


Auto Gearbox Specialists
Units 42 - 44
Station Road Industrial Estate
East Sussex
BN27 2EY

Thank you for contacting us. Yeswhat you are reading on the forum is a good idea. When ZF sold the transmissionto Jaguar it was sold as a fill for life unit, though as ZF now supply an oilservice kit we read between the lines it was only to cover the OE warranty ofthree years. It is always good practice to change filters and oils intransmissions to prolong the working life of the transmission.

Here at Auto Gearbox Specialistswe fit what ZF call an Oil Service Kit this consists of:-

.OilPan with integral Filter.

.OriginalZF grade Oil

.Replacementelectrical socket (Prone to leaks so we change as matter of course.)

We then Scan and road test thevehicle. Then reset adaptions where necessary.

The price for this work is£370.00 +vat inc all the above items and labour.

Please feel free to contact usto book your car in for this service.

Mike Parsons.

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Never heard of the 'double flush', though if its a ZF recommendation then fair enough.

I think getting the transmission serviced is the important thing here. As long as they flush as much of the oil oil from the torque converter and oil cooler then this will avoid any mixing of old and new oil. The ZF kit is available to buy on its own, might be cheaper to buy it seperatley and supply it to them if you wish.

The price quoted to you is average. I've been quoted between £300-£350 from a Jag specialist and Auto Specialist. I've just got to decide which one I go with.
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