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Resetting Service Mode

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Just had a service so I thought I would reset the service mode. I followed the instructions given on this site. "hold in reset button, ignition to II, release reset, push trip button then both trip button and reset together until info given that it has been reset." nothing happens. anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Or is this just for the 'S' type. Is there a way to reset it on the X?
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Reset Service Light
This reset procedure apparently works on the X-Type, so it's worth giving it a try.

Service Instruction:
1. Insert key into ignition barrel.
2. Press and hold the Reset switch (located on the Trip Computer Switch pack).
3. NOTE: The reset switch has to be released immediately after the ignition is switched 'ON'. This is criticalto enable the rest of the procedure.
Turn the key to Ignition position II and at the point of entering Ignition position II (i.e. when a click is heard), instantaneously release the Resets witch.
4. Wait one second.
5. Press and hold the Trip switch (located on the end of the left-hand sidestalk).
6. Wait one second.
7. Press and hold the Reset switch (whilst still holding the Trip switch).
8. The cluster should display (within three seconds) the warning message'RESETTING SERVICE MODE'.
9. Keep both buttons pressed until the warning message changes to 'SERVICE MODERESET' (after ten seconds).
10. Once the message is displayed the buttons may be released sequence is now complete.
11. If a Service Required message was displayed prior to the reset sequence,cycle the ignition to 'Off' and then back to Ignition position II and check that the message is no longer displayed

Did you make sure you kept the button pressed in when you turned ignition on and then released immediately.

It worked on mine I would give it another go i printed this off and took it to the car with me
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That's what I did and I to had a copy in car to ensure I didn't miss anything. Had lots of goes at it as well, still didn't work. I have read since that that method is only for 'S' types.
the first couple of times I tried it did not work. You have to get the timing just right.
Must of tried 20 times with different timings both slow and fast - nothing, reading another thread it seem not all X types have this function, only the newer ones do, mine is 2004.
I do not understand what you have as a "Sevice indicator" - do you have a light on on the dash or is there text in the message centre?

I wasn't aware that the 2.0 d ever had a service indicator... - mine certainly hasn't.
I'm coming to the same conclusion, I don't think mine has one. I thought it was a message on the message centre.
Yes its a message in the message center if its not there why would you be trying to clear it ?
Thats what I'm wondering....
Just done a service so trying to reset it not clear it.
But on yours there is nothing to reset. All that basicilly happens on a car that has it is that a message comes up on the message centre that says words to the effect "Service required". It stays there until a dealer resets (clears) the message.

I get what you mean like my son in laws pug when i service that i reset the miles to service back to 15,000 miles i don't think the jag works on millage it seems to have a brain lol
I don't think the jag works on millage it seems to have a brain lol
Yes - and by all accounts, not a very intelligent brain!!!
I know how frustrating it can be trying to reset that invisible service light, you just never know when it's gone out. I had a similar problem with my last car, I had a black bulb behind a smoked lens and I could never figure out if I had left it on or not.
I get what you mean like my son in laws pug when i service that i reset the miles to service back to 15,000 miles i don't think the jag works on millage it seems to have a brain lol
That's it, but I thought the Jag took into account time as well as it did on another car I had. It seems no one knows for sure one way or the other. So I guess I'll go with "its not fitted". Thanks for your replies one and all.
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