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Oct 3, 2021
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New Member post here -

Hey all! My name is Luke and I just inherited a 1974 Jaguar XK6 from my dad. Carbureted, automatic transmission, long wheelbase, USA model. It technically runs but needs a lot of love and maintenance before its road worthy again. While I am somewhat familiar with newer cars, the world of antiques, especially British cars, is VERY new to me. I have been living in the world of direct injection Japanese cars my whole life and don't want to make assumptions about certain Japanese car knowledge transferring to the world of British antiques. I am anticipating a world of hellish electrical and strange, hard to diagnose problems so you don't need to warn me about that. However, I am a mechanical engineer and am willing to learn through getting my hands dirty, after getting some advice/guidance here first of course. I'd love to find another as a spares source but that may prove to be difficult for me as I live in one of the worst places in the world for cars of all kinds... about 30 minutes outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Most 10-15 year old cars rust away to nothing around here after the thousands of tons of salt put on the road during the winter. Any car that actually has remained car-ish after 47 years of that, is well loved and probably not something I can afford. But who knows... One may appear....

I am writing this first post to kick off what will hopefully be a long thread chronicling the restoration from its current state (started once or twice a year, driven for a few miles, then put away again) to a car I can start and drive whenever the weather is nice.

I want to alter as little as possible to keep the character of the car, but would like to make it more usable and safe. I plan to get around to things like updating the brakes, probably some suspension components, and other components as they break. There is a transmission leak that i'd like to at least contain better but who knows if that's a tree worth barking up at this point. Going to add a battery isolator since there is a parasitic drain somewhere that has cost my dad a lot of money on mechanics labor trying to find but to no avail (i'm well versed in the pain already haha) He has always had issues with the tires (since we dont drive it) so ill likely leave it on jack stands for during the winter, when it wont be driven.

Right now though, my pressing problem is my radiator cracked during the move from the old storage facility to my house. It was probably due to the heat and not being driven at all but finding the replacement is proving to be difficult. I cant seem to find a new one anywhere. It seems they aren't too popular in the Northeast US to have any stock anywhere closeby. I need help!

Does anyone know any shops/websites who may ship these older model radiators to the US? Does anyone know a comparable one (cooling capacity or inlet outlet locations) that works as a stand in? Very curious to see what people have done who have had a similar issue of not being able to source a good replacement.

Also, what do people suggest who have gone down a similar path as I am about to embark on? Anything you wish you did earlier? Anything you wish you hadnt done at all? Brands to support or things to avoid? Very curious to know what this community is willing to share.

Thank you for reading!


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Apr 5, 2013
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Interesting project you’re taking, I shall follow with anticipation in the hope you achieve your goal.(y)

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Sep 12, 2021
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Cambridgeshire´s Edge
I'm guessing that radweld isn't a permanent repair...? My mate who worked on Chieftain tanks said the inedible processed cheese in their compo rations was used by the squaddies as a very effective organic sealant!

Perhaps another worthwhile preventive but I'd have second thoughts using it on any newer car. Nothing to lose with an older radiator?



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Apr 30, 2012
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Those series 2's are the ones I admired when I was growing up and the inspiration behind me ending up with my X350 (not courageous enough to take on an older car..), so I'll watch this thread with interest.

Forgive me if you already know, but I'd suggest you find a picture hosting site if you want to use lots of photos in your thread.
Here's an excellent description of a way to add many pictures. <how to add pictures link>

Watching with interest & best wishes (y)