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Restricted performance( first time ever)

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Car was main dealer serviced 3 weeks ago ( coincidence I hope !) any way set off from home after about 2 miles the dreaded warning came on red and amber lights restricted performance and car slowed down. pulled up in a lay by almost straight away turned off looked under bonnet nothing appeared amiss restart no warning and continued on journey without recurrence have since returned home again no problems, dealer said not to worry it sometimes happens but I am taking it in anyway on Friday to see what codes are there. fingers crossed
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Lets just hope it was just an electronic glitch. :)
Happenned to me after having the brake pads changed. Checked all the earth points and cleaned up the battery terminals. Has not happened again in the last six months.
Jerry and Tony,
You have helped my initial pessimism, the car has run really well so far, by far and away the best car I have ever owned
I had similar three months ago en route to local supermarket. Tried restarting a couple of times, but this did not clear the fault. Left car in supermarket car park and returned half an hour or so later and everything was ok. No sign of problem since that one occurrence - touch wood.

I'm left thinking that as I'd pressure washed the vehicle just before the journey, I'd blasted some water into a sensor - perhaps brakes or suspension, or some such, which dried off with motion of car, or from heat generated by the vehicle - warm engine, warm brakes etc.

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