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Restricted Performance light

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Hey all,

So this morning my 06 XJ 2.7d has an orange light on the dash and the readout said "Restricted Performance". I've just done a search so it would appear there is a plethora of potential reasons behind this so I won't bother asking that question.

I will however ask what my options are on finding out what is causing this issue. Is there a way of seeing why this message was displayed, without the need of using an expert?

For a few days, the car would "ping" when I first turned the key, and yesterday I caught what it was saying "DSC not available" but immediately the message would disappear and not come back. Is this totally unconnected or could this potentially be a reason?

Thanks guys. Not having much luck in my first month of ownership!!!
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The DSC light could well be related to the fault, I suggest that you either get the codes read by a good indy with the Jaguar software or buy a reader on line and retrieve, the codes yourself
Thanks Barney, I didn't know I could buy a reader. Forgive my naivety, but where would I buy one? That well know auction site?
DSC not available on startup could be a sign of low battery voltage - could yours do with a bit of a charge? Regarding the reader - I've got a Memoscan U581 that I'm happy with although lots of people on here use ELM ones and their laptop or android phone. There's a recent thread about them on one of the forums, and there have been loads in the past.
I wouldn't have thought the battery needs a charge, but I can't rule that out for sure I guess.
I have it booked in with my local dude on Saturday to hopefully plug it in and see what it says. The battery itself is relatively new (6 months I think) so if it is low on charge I am hoping the battery itself would be OK.
I shall update on Saturday.

Incidentally, I had a call form a neighbour today as the alarm kept going off this morning. I think this is unrelated as I hadn't quite shut the bonnet correctly, so I am hoping this was the cause and not more electrical gremlins!
Hope whatever it is, is simple and cheap to fix! :)
DSC not available on startup could be a sign of low battery voltage - could yours do with a bit of a charge? Regarding the reader - I've got a Memoscan U581 that I'm happy with although lots of people on here use ELM ones and their laptop or android phone. There's a recent thread about them on one of the forums, and there have been loads in the past.
very pleased with my Memoscan, all the family and friends use it on different cars. Works well.
(I'm going to have to start charging a hire fee for it.)
Thanks Mr SCM. I will let you know, but fingers crossed it's nothing big and expensive.

I'm already getting the "there was nothing wrong with your Volvo, why did you insist on getting rid of it?" remarks from the other half and things like this are not helping matters!!!
OK so the OBD my garage has used has come up with a gearbox fault as being the reason. He's checked the oil level in the box, as apparently that can often be the cause of the issue, but the oil level, and seal, are both fine.

I'm now a bit stumped as to what to do. Who can look at this for me? I was recommended to check out Sussex Autos based in Eastbourne who are specialists in gearboxes but that's a long drive away, especially with Restricted Performance!

Any advice or ideas welcome guys.
did you get the code they read, gearbox fault was that the only fault, others on here would have more knowledge but it is unusual
you may find this link useful he was getting on an S-type admittedly but it turned out to be a rear wheel sensor
Thanks Barney, very kind of you to pop that link up. I hope it's as simple as a sensor!

I didn't get the code that the guy read off unfortunately. I have booked it in with a Jaguar Dealer for Friday so I'm sure they can find out. I did have a "DSC Not Available" message each time I started the car for a few days though, so perhaps it's linked to some sort of sensor issue.

I will update when I know what's going on.
DSC Not Available on startup could just be a battery in need of a charge - I got that when my battery got a bit drained by a cooling fan that didn't stop. Fixed the fan and charged the battery and the problem disappeared.
Cool, well hopefully they can give it a charge and sort that, if that's the cause.

Fingers crossed ladies and gents, I've only had the car about 6 weeks and for at least half that it's been faulty!
Well things seem to have taken a turn for the worse today. I went to the garage where it's been in order to drive it just a few miles to the next town where it was booked in with Jaguar. Barely had I got underway a rattling noise from under the bonnet and a new warning message, this time "Limiter not available".

So I immediately pulled over and called the RAC who (eventually) turned up. I didn't mention anything about the fact that the car had just been in the garage, so I was genuinely interested in what his OBD machine thing would say. It came up with 3 errors; One that mentioned the turbo and 2 that mentioned the Mass Airflow meter sensor thingy. But he said as it was running quite rough and wasn't sounding right I must have a bigger internal problem and for that reason he didn't even attempt to do anything and instead just ordered a low loader to pick me up. So long story short, it appears it was never the gearbox, and it's actually something else but I will wait to see what Jaguar say as they are running their full diagnostic on it tomorrow.

What a day!
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The verdict is in: one of the turbo's has gone. Quote? £1600. Reaction? Slight sickness, dizziness and desperation.

What advice do people have here, I have a few questions:

Can I buy a turbo from an online retailer and have that fitted? Any things to be aware of, steer clear of?
Can any garage fit a turbo and then the car be OK or does it need "coding in" to make it work?

I can't believe my luck here, I went for a slightly cheaper car on higher mileage as i honestly did not expect things to be failing at 100k. My fear is that this is just the beginning now.
Usually plenty of new turbos on ebay for around £300 but its important to get the exact same part number especially the last 2 digits.Turbos are handed left hand and right hand.Not sure on coding though
Thanks Buck. I think the guy said it was the left hand, but I'd need to double check, I was still in a state of shock!

If I were to get one off eBay, who could fit it? I should imagine the physical fitting could be carried out by any competent mechanic but what about actually getting the car going again?
I think any Jaguar specialist,Jaguar dealer,Citroen dealer/specialist,Peugeot dealer/specialist,Range Rover dealer/specialist or diesel specialist would be able to
Anyone know how I would find out the exact turbo code mine is?

If I can source one then I will get Jaguar to fit it I think, that seems the most logical option to me right now.
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