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Retro fitting illuminated treadplates for X351
This is supposed to be simple and plug & play and looks that way, here is an example from someone who has retro fitted to their vehicle with a quick how to for anyone that may be unsure

Total time ? around 10 minutes for all four of them.
Background : I'm very DYI challenged. I suck at it. I was very afraid of installing myself, but I decided to give it a try and if didnt work, I would go to Jaguar. Lovely that I did.
Tools used : a screwdriver ( doesnt matter the size, just to pry the old thing off )

with a screwdriver, pry off the old ones. start from the door side.

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get the carpet up and you will find this connector.

pop the new ones in and ... TADA !

just FYI - the front sill is different. but same principle. no screws to turn, nothing. just pop off, pop in the new one.

Scout eBay - bought mines for a steal ( all 4 of them for less than 500 ). It makes the car nicer for a little

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