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Retro-fitting Cruise Control to X-Type Diesel 2.0d

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I know this one has been talked about before, and I understand that you can only retro-fit cruise to specific X-Type models, fly-by-wire being the pre-requisite to facilitate this.

However, I have seen 2.0d's fitted with cruise (obvious factory fitted), so therefore does that mean these had fly-by-wire fitted also, and that those which were purchased without the cruise control option, were released from the factory with a cable throttle setup? I just want understand the technicalities behind this.
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I have replied to this so that you can access my How to thread on the subject. (it is in my signature field)

I successfully, and might I add, easily, fitted it to my 3.0 AWD. The suggestion is that it cannot be done to a diesel. However, the suggestion was also that it cannot be done to the AWD without some sort of inside knowledge regarding the ECU upgrade, it having been blocked by Jaguar.
I went ahead anyway, against the advice, and found that it was possible.

Get your head down to the pedal box on yours and look through my How to guide to see if there are any similarities in the wiring. I suspect they'll be different if yours has a throttle cable, but how different I don't know. You could do with having a look at another diesel that does have cruise, to see what wiring is on the pedal box.
Thanks Big Cat!
On the subject of this, my 3.0 does not have the cruise or radio buttons on the steering wheel. I ordered them today off ebay so i can retro fit to my x. Upon reading bclc's guide, i was aware that i also needed the correct wiring loom from the throttle, and the necessery extra clutch and brake switches. So today i looked underneath at the pedals and to my dis belief the correct wiring,along with the switches, are already there. Why, i dont know, but i'm hoping i can just plug them in and hey presto! But i wont find out til the weekend when i fit it. Do you think it could of been possible someone before me swapped the steering wheel over? Or it originally had cruise? There is no cut outs in the wheel by the way
Could also have been just pre-wired like that from the factory, Jaguar did some weird things regarding pre wire over the years.
All Diesel X-types are fly-by-wire - there is no mechanical connection to the throttle pedal. I believe that any problem with retrofitting cruise would only be due to PCM/ECU (re)programming.
This post on a Mondeo forum suggests it is possible on a TDCI Mondeo providing all the switches are fitted and the PCM is reprogrammed. I suspect the diesel x-type would be a similar mod. The poster did have a similar problem to BigCatLittleCat(?) in that the dash indicator would not work confirming when the cruise is on.

Retrofit Control Cruise ? - Electrical (Mk3 Mondeo) -

Bonus :D Just hope it works! Got to fix the fuel pump first tho due to ones reckless driving....:| Any idea how to drain the fuel tank btw??

You know i love you all
I can easily drain the fuel tank, I do it every week!!!

Sorry, I don't know really. Be careful with petrol, it is just as dangerous as driving like a t**t.

Re-the steering wheel buttons. Looking at your avatar, it looks like an early Sport model (pre-2004), is it? Does it therefore have the earlier type steering wheel?

Jimbo20's post is interesting. Maybe the diesel retro-fit is just as easy after all, although it does mention the re-programming of the ECU. Personally I really don't consider the 'problem' of not have the dashboard confirm that cruise is on to be a problem. If that is the only issue, then my how to guide may work for all cars.

If someone with a diesel is bold enough to try it, Let me know if it works and I'll change the title of my guide!!

So far, the only obvious difference between your car and mine appears to be the age, and therefore the steering wheel. If the pedal switches and wiring harness are already there, then lucky you.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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yes its a 2001 old school sport with the push button type steering wheel, not the rotary type. Its this good or bad?
You tell us, go get the switches for the steering wheel and try it out, or upgrade to the newer style wheel.
will report back on fri when the monsters been fixed
So i picked my car back up today from the garage after having the fuel pump done. Got home and was eagerly awaiting to fit my cruise and radio switches which came yesterday.

Well it took about 30 mins in total, to take airbag off, cut plastic on steering wheel to fit the switches, plug them in, and put it all back together again.


Absolutely perfectly!
Happy happy happy :D

BCLC Was right...No confirmation message on the message centre, but i can live without that!

It seems that on my car, and possibly others, that this could of been retro fitted 10 years ago when she was a baby, and no programming required. I already had the extra pedal switches like i said and just put the wheel controls in, plugged them in and that was that! Definately one of the cheapest and most rewarding retro fit ever!

If the diesel is fly by wire and has the extra pedal switches their is absolutely no reason why this wont work on any other X. My car is 2001 and has the button type switches on wheel not the roller ones just to clarify.

Happy retro fitting ;)
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That's excellent well done. Immediate question which springs to mind - isn't there a separate controller box for the cruise which has to be fitted? In which case yours already had this installed? Or perhaps I am missing a trick..
For me there really was no trick. I just fitted the steering wheel switches and that was it. Big Cat Little Cat said in his thread that you need to change over a loom which goes from the throttle pedal to the brake pedal with the extra wiring for the extra switches, depending on its manual or auto. Nothing else needs to be done except changing loom over and adding steering wheel controls and thats it.

Like i said i cant think of any reason this wont work on any other X petrol or diesel as long as you change loom (some come pre wired anyway, best way to check is look for the extra brake/clutch switch under pedals) and add wheel controls. Its that simple :D
BCLC Was right...
I'm always right........just ask my ex wife!
- isn't there a separate controller box for the cruise which has to be fitted?
No. I promise. It must be part and parcel of the ECU. Having read the Mondeo forum regarding the fly-by-wire diesel, it would seem that the diesel has a seperate cruise control module. The petrol X-type clearly has this unit built in. It may be that this is why the diesel is not possible/easy to do? To date, I don't think anyone has actually tried it have they?
This is the old wiring harness from my car. 3.0 auto.

Note. The big green plug goes to the main loom, the thin black multi-pin plug goes to the throttle and the black two-pin plug goes to the brake pedal for the brakelights.
My new one looks the same, with the addtion of another black two-pin plug for the brake pedal (cruise deactivation switch). The manual one would look the same again but with two additional black two-pin plugs. The third plug being for the clutch pedal.

That's it. + switch for wheel + switch(es) for pedal(s). (the glass contains a Portuguese red and is optional)
See less See more would seem that the diesel has a seperate cruise control module. The petrol X-type clearly has this unit built in....
IMHO I don't think thats true.

The x-type year 2007 schematics show that the 2.0L petrol (figure 3.4) has a separate module (actually called the 'speed control module') and the steering wheel cruise control switches feed into this module.

The 2.5/3.0 Petrol (figure 3.2) and the Diesel (figure 3.6) do not show a separate module; the steering wheel switches feed directly into the ECU.

This seems to be the problem that we're faced with. There are different pieces of information available. It may well be that this is because the car's wiring does differ with age, we already know that the early models seem to have the wiring harness on the pedal box factory fitted, whereas I had to fit mine afterwards.

I had read that the diesels have the seperate control unit (speed control is an age old Jaguar term(probably to help the Americans realise that it doesn't steer the car too!)), but now that's not clear??

It would be great to have someone on here take the bull by the horns and try to retro-fit cruise control to diesel, or even to a 2.1. I know it works on the AWD and is as easy as pi, but we still all only guess at the other models.
A 2.1 would be tough seeing as its the only one controlled by a throttle cable, NOT by wire as all the other models in the range are. I wonder if any derv owner will be bothered to do this mod though.
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