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Returning to the Fold

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Hi again folks!

Used to be very active here 7-10 years ago when I had my 3.0 X-Type. I ventured into Alfa Romeo and (whisper it) BMW ownership in the intervening years but I am about to re-enter the fold when I take delivery of the XF 3.0d S Portfolio that I paid a deposit on today!

Mega excited, but I am also mega-confused about specs.

I'll be posting in the dedicated forum shortly to ask about it....
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Good to see you back chap , beautiful things the Alfas , I always thing of them like Thai Women , attractive but you know it could all go horribly
wrong very quickly :-D How come the diesel ?
It's a Portfolio so it should have all the bells and whistles.

Welcome back, not that I was around all those years ago.


Welcome back R11co
How come the diesel ?
The car will be doing pan-European trips occasionally so it makes sense for that reason, plus the current UK backlash against them means I get a sub 6-second 0-60 for not a lot of outlay.

PS. The Alfa was a diesel (1.9 JTDm GT) and that was a BIG mistake - I should have bought the 3.2 Busso. The BMW I am about to sell is a straight-six petrol of the type that made the Bavarian marque's name. I hope that you are not suggesting that I may be making the same mistake with my new Jag as I made with the Alfa :D

Hi r11co,

Welcome back to Jaguar ownership, the website and forum.
Everyone here is friendly and helpful and some of the usernames here (like TeapotTony and PigletJohn) make me smile.

I used to own an Alfa 156 1.8 Lusso. 52 reg (uk) which had the slightly updated interior and obc on the dash top.
Brilliant car, very economical, good handling and I regretted selling it.

Tootle Pip.

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Hello & welcome back
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