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Reverse Issues

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Got a 57 plate X type 2.2D ...its a lovely car

Over the last few months i've noticed a judder / shake / clunk ( best words to describe it ) when i engage reverse for the first time after starting the car ...I have a drive on a slight slope and have to reverse out of it

It only happens when the car hasn't been used for a few days 3-5 days max

It only happens once ...for the rest of the time i drive the car its super smooth in all gears and reverse engages fine

Any ideas ?
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The clunk is just cold oil so the teeth on the cogs just engaging, mine does this, although petrol, you could try seeing if your gearbox needs a top up of oil, once warm its silky smooth when the oil becomes true viscosity :D

The shudder/shake could be either clutch issues or possible dual mass flywheel on its way, but thats just specultation at this moment. Do you always reverse uphill from cold start? Whats it like from cold driving forwards?

Many Many Thanks for your response Ryan Its one of those niggling things...sometimes it happens sometimes it does not ...once i have reversed onto the road and engage 1st issues ....just reverse and only when i engage it for the first time ater not using the car for a couple of days....what i will do is reverse park it and leave it a few days and see if it does the same when i drive forward after starting again i'll not use the car for a few days .....or should i get it checked over ? its under warranty with Jaguar for 2 yrs as i opted for this when i purchased it
Cheers! No problem :D

While its under warranty it would be wise to get it checked out to look and prevent any further damage. Get them to look at everything and claim it while you can. Will save you £€$¥ for the future

it could just be the rear pads sticking when you release the handbrake
Thanks oldskoolraver might have a point as i had washed the car the day before and chucked a bucket of water on each wheel....i did notice some corrosion on the discs so this could be the problem ....but that went after driving the car.... after the brakes had been used ....
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