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I've been having problems with the Parking Aid, sometimes it works, sometimes it's on all the time (while reverse is selected) and sometimes it beeps for no reason. All the sensors can be heard ticking, so I guess it maybe the control box. I don't want to pay £100 + to find out, nor do I want to buy a sensor at £17 or so and try it in each position.
The answer seems to be an after market Parking Aid. I found this "" and at less than £14.50 it was worth a try.

I released the 3 plastic bits and the 2 bolts that hold the black plinth on the bottom of the car to allow better access. After disconnecting the 4 sensors and removing them from their sleeves I tapped up the electrical sockets just in case I have to go back. The new sensors require a hole diameter of 21mm the sleeves were slightly larger. I applied 4 bits of Neoprene rubber self-adhesive strip again from Neoprene rubber self-adhesive strip 10mm x 2mm x 10m | eBay to each sensor and pushed them back into the sleeve, a nice tight fit. Running the wires back through the rubber gromit that the original wires went through they were now ready to clip into the control box. I removed the Jag control box in the spare wheel recess and using the double sided sticky pad stuck the new control box in its place.

The 12v supply was found by removing the nearside boot carpet and locating the plug that supplies the power for the rear lights. The 2nd pin (Green & Black) supplied the 12v to the reversing light using an Electrical Wire Cable Snap Lock Splice Connector from 10 Electrical Wire Cable Snap Lock Splice Connectors RE | eBay that took care of the 12v and a spade terminal screwed to a nearby earth point took care of that side.

The buzzer / bleeper was located under the parcel shelf and the wire returned to the control box via the nearside boot carpet.

The job took 2 to 3 hours in total and now I have a reliable Parking Aid that is cheap to replace or repair should it ever be needed. Sorry no Pictures.
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