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Ride quality

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Starting to think about what to replace the XF with when the lease is up, and an XFR is right up there just now. Assuming business continues to go well, otherwise its Skoda time!

Trouble is, I am a grey haired old f*rt and like my comfort above many other things. The 3.0D XF I have now, riding on 19" wheels, is a firm as I would want my car to be, in fact I prefer it when it is on the 18" winter wheels.

So my question to you speedy current XFR owners is this - how does the ride comfort compare? Does the modern equivalent of CATS actually give a softer ride than my current non-adaptable dampers when not in Dynamic mode?

I drove an XFR at Gaydon, thought it not too bad, but there again that track doesn't exactly mimic the potholed mess our public roads have degenerated into.

Choice might be Rangie/Cayenne vs XFR I think. Any other suggestions?
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Hi Wilf. I owned an XFSV8 before my R and to be honest didn't notice any difference in the ride quality even though I drive like a pussy! I found the ride a lot less firm than I thought it would be. I am also a grey haired old fart and have no problems at all with the ride. Yes it is firm, but not too hard. The best advice would be to take one for an extended test drive and give it a real go over the bumpy stuff. The only problem is you will probably wont want to give it back.
The XFR is about 30% stiffer than non R variants, but the adaptive dampers will help control the ride when your not on it. Best to try one, if you don't get on with the ride then you could try a 5.0 litre N/A.
Not yet, it will be next year, I am already thinking about my options, having assumed a potential wait for delivery.

I just sold my Cobra replica, replaced by a Stag for now, so likely I will want a bit more oomph in the daily drive to compensate. Jaguar have disappointed me by not fitting the V8 into the XF estate............that would have been perfect for me.
Wilf, just for a comparison I drove an XK Portfolio 5 ltr the other week and was shocked by the fidgety ride which was akin to a BMW I had on run-flat tyres. I have an XKR 4.2 with the CATS, am also almost an old fart but my test drive threw a huge spanner into the works. Apart from the looks, what sets the XK coupe aside from other Coupes is the ride, same with most Jags I guess. Anyone can make a fast, spacious rip-snorting car but not many can combine that with an acceptable ride quality. I have to decide whether to keep my car, which I love or buy one of the last CATS cars as I doubt if I could live with bobbing about again. I drove the Portfolio over local roads of varying quality. It was fine on the Motorway but unacceptable, to me, on other roads. Anyhow, a chap like you, who has just bought a Stag, must like a gamble so a test drive on familiar roads is a must. PS Only joking about the Stag.
No mention of an XJ - might be a bit big but has a superb ride. I had one as a loan while my XFR was being repaired - superb ride and even in 3.0D form, quite brisk. Had me wondering what the 5.0 supercharged engine would be like in the XJ - pretty much weighes the same as the XF. Bet you'd pick up an ex demo at a massive saving as wlell.
My friend owns a 2.7 diesel xf and though I can't remember the exact size of his wheels they are very much smaller than the 20" alloys on my xfr. His ride quality and softness is infinitely better than that of mine. I'm not for a minute complaining, don't get me wrong, the XFR in my opinion is perfectly set up for purpose. however I think in all honesty you'll hate the harder ride, over potholes especially, unless you can be swayed to forgo that for the magnificent power and pace from the engine. It won't break your back, but it was designed to be tauter so as to handle as the M5 and E63 competitor it is. Hope this helps pal.
Thanks, it does, and a recent XFR test drive confirms to me that it isn't the car I need for the daily drive. Now thinking about a 3.0D "S".

And, Cheshirecat - the Stag is a gamble, the bet is which vital fluid it will decide it should throw out on any given trip! LOL
I would budget for the Spires Comfort Suspension package if your considering an S' with Adaptive Dynamics.
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