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Roof Microphone

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I need your help guys.

I'm currently retro fitting both Jaguar Voice and Bluetooth. But I'm struggling to find a roof mic. I need one in nimbus grey, but to get me started and colour will do, but they're rarer than hens teeth or rocking horse dung. I've probably got more chance of seeing Lord Lucan riding Shergar in the grand national than finding one at a breakers.

I know i can go and buy a brand new one from the dealers but at £55 it's a bit steep and that's more than i paid for the each of the modules.

Now has anyone out there got a spare roof mic in any colour, with the backing plate and plug that i can buy of you?

Many thanks

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go on ebay NOW type in. jaguar mike. there is one on there now buy it now £5.00
click on post below.
Thanks stanboy.

And there was me searching with the correct spelling of mic or microphone.

Looks like they've cut the plug off but it should get me up and going until a decent one comes long.

So if anyone has a mic in good condition with the plug and backing plate I'm still looking?

And I paid £35 for mine. You got a bargain!
That's if it works!!!

Doesn't look like it has the back plate which screws to the head lining and just bare wires at the other end, but it should get me up and running. I can order the modules now and hopefully start the install next week on my 7 days off.

it doesnt have a backing plate it sticks , apparently you just nick a cross in your headlining and shove the plug thro and the the mike sticks over the hole with double sided tape? i drilled a small hole in the glasses holder in the roof consol and stuck the mike over it so my thinking it is in the center of the car to be shared with passenger
In the end I superglued mine to the headlining, because it didn't sit flush otherwise...

Looks much better this way.
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I did think of using some velcro, but the jag parts catalogue shows a backing plate that use two screws to fix it and this is shown on the PDF file from the topix site too. I'll find away to secure itin the end.

I take it the wires just go on any pin for the mic plug in the light fitting as they don't look colour coded?

when i was doing my blootooth, there was a bit of confusion as to which mike. as different ones were fitted at different times. but this one is the latest and reccomended for best performance. the wires can connect either way,
Well the ebay microphone arrived today, but it doesn't look like an OEM jaguar mic. It only has one wire and the plug has been ripped off leaving just the one thin white wire and a wire outer sheath. It really just looks like a standard hands free microphone.

Now on the wiring diagram it shows two wires going to the overhead console.

So can someone who has a genuine jag mic fitted please check in their own time if their mic has a connection from the one wire and the outer sheath or whether their should be two wires in the mic cable?

Just checked the wiring diagram again and it looks like there shoud definitely be three connections from the mic brown, greenanda braided wire, but the mic I just bought only seems to have one wire and the outer sheath braiding. Looks like I've wasted my money on the wrong mic? :( :mad: :(


Having had more time to look at the mic's wiring I think the white cable is the positive cable and the unsheathed cable is the negative cable. I will install it with the voice module next week hopefully and see if it works.

I have also found another mic on my overhead console facing the windscreen whic must've been installed by a previous owner with a ands free kit, the cable runs along headlining and down the passenger A pillar, but I don't know where it goes from there or how it's connected in to the cars loom, hopefully this won't interfere with anything.

I might just install the voice module and see if this mic works as whoever installed it might've hard wired it in to the correct wires that the OEM jag mic uses behind the A pillar or in to the loom from the overhead light cluster, especially if it was a Bluetooth system, I won't hold my breath though.


Had my roof console off this afternoon to take a look at the pins for the microphone and they are the smallest pins I've ever seen, think its gonna be nigh on impossible to connect my microphone wires to them.

On the JTIS wiring diagram it states that the roof console multiplug is a 22 pin black plug, but all I could find was a white 20/22 pin multiplug that plugs in to the roof console on the drivers side. Is the the same plug but just a different colour? Can't find any mention of a white multiplug on any pages that refer tothe roof console.

Allthe right colours seem to on the white multiplug so I might just splice in the mic wires to the correct coloured wires on this plug as the mic I bought didn't have any plug on it just bare wires.

Here is a pic of an X-Type roof console, where the mic plugs in on the left.

Haven't pulled the roof console out of the XJR yet, but that's the connector i'll be looking for.

A brand new mic would have that connector on it, it must be there somewhere....
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Thanks for the photo Cambo, that just confirms that the mic I bought from eBay was just a standard handsfree mic and not an OEM jag mic with the plug missing.

Your picture shows a thicker mic wire with 2 insulated wires going in to the connector, my mic has a thinner wire with only 1 insulated wire and a bare outer wire. But as the mic's look the same they must work in the same way?

Dot think I can damage anything buy trying to wire up this mic as it doesn't carry any current at all.

If I have time today I'll try fitting the voice module and the mic and see if it works. I'll attempt to connect the mic wires to the main 22 pin connector cables.

Dave, the grey wire is the screen with a sleeve over it, which would be the bare wire on you cable
Thanks Barney

Having zoomed in on cambo's picture I can see what you mean now, so I should be ok with my mic then.

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