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Royal Quiz

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Already had enough of the flag waving ?
Thought you would get away from it all and visit your XJS Jag site ??
Rotten luck !

I need to know the following,
Who, what ,when, where and how ????

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Well I'm 95% sure that the "who" is HRH Edward, Earl of Wessex. I'd guess the "where" is next to the Royal Yacht Britannia (but where it's moored is anyone's guess). The "what" is of course a facelift XJS so that's leads us to the "when" which I'd expect is the early '90s. As for the "How", a number of Royals used to drive an XJS it seems, including Princess Diana.

And if you've ever wanted to see Princess Diana with an XJS, you're in luck: Princess Diana and Jaguar XJS - Royal wheels
According to this website, it was 1992 and Aberdeen:
Prince Edward - Royal stars & their cars
Well I was almost entirely correct :p
Yep, well done Galcian. That V12 6.0L is certainly a good looking car !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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