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running temperature

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Could someone please tell me what the normal running temperature range is for a 1960 MK II? Thanks.
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Mine runs around the 70 mark on the gauge, perhaps a little under, some Mark 2's do suffer somewhat with overheating in adverse conditions but it's normally around that mark. Much hotter than 70 will activate the Kenlow!
I have a 66 3.8 s-type & it rund just under 90degrees on the gauge.

The temperature the engine runs at is also affected by tuning. When I first had hte car it ran just above 70degrees but didn't run well. Having had the car tuned on a rolling road by Tom Airey, the car runs faultlessly but hotter. The car does drive totally diferently now, loads of power & very responsive. The temperature will rise 4 or 5 degrees if sat in traffic on a hot day but no more than that.

Hope this helps, Jacko
Well, you have a fair old range in temperature there haven't you! The probable reason being the actual temperature gauge is somewhat lacking in accuracy! The oil pressure gauge suffers much the same, only a guide.
At least it's consistent. I'm happy as long as it's not up against the stops... The oil pressure gauge is pretty steady 55-60 until warm & then around 45psi... the fuel gauge can be used as an auxilary speedo... the faster you go, the quicker it falls!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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