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S Type 3.0 2000 wth LPG - Possible Exhaust Manifold Leak

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Got a rough sounding S Type 3.0 v6, which also has LPG.

Sounds like a misfire/popping noise, with rattling from underneath near the engine and fumes coming into the cabin.

I have changed all spark plugs and coils (which was a pain as I had to remove the manifold) but this hasn't improved the problem. I had a similar problem with a Suzuki Swift, where the manifold was removed and the gasket cleaned.

Does this sound like a similar problem? In terms of codes, I got ignition coil circuit codes which have now gone.

I'm doing an advanced diagnostic session to it tonight with a Delphi scanner and will report back.

A video can be found here, any thoughts guys?

Thank you!
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Can I suggest a smoke test for air leaks?

There are many videos on YouTube to understand what's done.

It's very quick for finding split hoses etc.

It could well be a dirty or faulty MAF or MAP sensor, some S Types have both.

Check fuel trims, they should be near to zero and indicate fuel/air mix problems if not.

Again there are many videos on YouTube to help you understand.
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