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S-Type and X350 Steering Wheel Compatibility?

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Does anyone know, if the steering wheel from the facelift S-Type is a direct swap with the wheel from the X350?

I'm looking for a full leather wheel to replace the half-wood one in my XJR.

Got a great option on one from an '02 S-Type R, but I'm not sure about the compatibility.

A seller on eBay says they are compatible, another seller says the airbags are interchangeable.

But the part numbers in the EPC are totally different....

Anyone know for sure? I don't want to be the guinea pig on this one....
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I dont know but the part numbers will be different with it not being the same (looking) wheel
Thanks Buck.

I'm really confused, because the wheels do look the same (to me anyhow).

Especially if I look at the X350 Portfolios (2006 Super V8, 2007 XJR & TDVi) which have the full leather wheel, it looks identical to the one from the STR.

The EPC gives two options for the X350; "Interlock Leather 'R' Plain" or just "Leather 'R' Plain" and I have no idea which is which.

And when multiple sources say the airbags are interchangeable, and one seller goes out of his way to state that a wheel from an XJR will fit an STR, well I have to wonder. But that seller wants four times as much as the one who's got the STR wheel.

If it fits, it'll be a bargain. If it doesn't it'll be a waste of cash that could be better used....
Sounds like a scrapyard mission that, try it out then before you buy.

Why not contact Jaguar specialist scrapyards to try it if you're not close to one.
if you buy it as a bargain and its not compatible there could be potential to sell it for a profit so not neccesarily money down the drain.Maybe try asking a knowledgeable dealer or Jagfix who has had both cars (well he has a S Type courtesy car at his specialist garage)?
Thanks guys. Good advice. Problem is, the seller is a 9 hour drive from here...and there are no Jag breakers in Switzerland or nearby in Germany...

My mate Thomas still has his 2004 S-Type (it's off the road at the moment, since he bought an X350) so maybe I could try fitting the wheel from his first. But even then that's no guarantee that a 2002 wheel would be the same...and he lives in Germany a 1.5hr round trip from me anyhow...and i won't take the XJR back over the border with the UK plates on it....maybe i could talk him into trying it out on his two cars....?

If I buy it & it doesn't fit, where is the market for '02 STR steering wheels? i wouldn't be able to sell it locally, that's for sure...
Ebay/Jag mags/this forums classifieds?
I've always found myself at a disadvantage when selling stuff to the UK on ebay. If there is an identical item for sale in the UK, I have to sell at a lower price to offset the higher shipping costs to the UK. Or offer the same price & shipping costs, & wear the difference.

Got lucky a few times with buyers on the continent coming to me because I offer worldwide shipping.
But even still....the demand for that wheel would be, small to say the least.

Stuff it, if nobody posts tonight that it definitely won't fit, i'll buy it & then we'll know for sure...
I texted Jagfix and he isnt sure but said
"The cassette module and switchgear are the same, so in theory it should fit as the column must be the same too"
Steering wheel change

Excuse me Cambo but what you REALLY want is a full wood steering wheel!

I love mine.
Thanks Buck! and Jagfix. I'll give it a go then.

Rob, I understand where you are coming from, i don't....

Been instructed that the wood veneer has to go and Piano Black in it's place, like my X-Type.
I LOVE my fully wooden, heated steering wheel. It never looks grubby, remains cool in the heat and hot in the cold and looks like it's from the 1930's, great!!!!
OK so I tried it out this evening, not entirely successful yet.

The frame of the wheel is the same, the diameter is the same, the internals are the same (except for the extra PCB & wiring for the heating in the XJR wheel). The STR wheel has a thicker rim.

I had a lot of trouble removing the airbag cause I didn't have the right torx driver, you need one with a narrow shaft to get through the holes of the rear cover of the wheel. Had to go & get one from work.

And it's also pretty complicated to get to the screws, need to turn the wheel in order to get access. Not so easy with the battery disconnected, you need to disengage the steering lock before disconnecting the battery.

There is a subtle difference on the hub, but they are identical connection wise. However I'm not sure about the colour match, the airbag is definitely dark grey (Warm Charcoal) but the STR wheel seems more blacker. But now I'm not so sure since I put the XJR wheel back on I can see a difference in the colours with that one too...

I swapped over the rear plastic casing & the ring for the heater from the XJR wheel to the STR wheel, because at first attempt with a direct bolt-on there seemed to be a big gap between the back of the wheel and the casing that goes around the steering column, maybe 8-10mm, I don't remember having that gap before....

After putting the XJR wheel back on the gap seems to be the same as the STR wheel, so I'm worried that I might have broken something which is causing this gap, cause either wheel doesn't seem to sit all the way on the splines, if you know what I mean, it should sit flush with the end of the shaft & completely cover the splines, but it doesn't, and i'm pretty sure that when I first took off the XJR wheel, it was sitting flush. Very worried now actually...

I had trouble getting the airbag into place on the STR wheel with it turned at 90° to access the bolts.
So i've given up for now, will try again on the weekend, time permitting.

BTW the markings for the wheel to be centered were wrong, when I put the XJR wheel back in place, exactly on the factory marks, it's off to the left a few degrees so when your driving the wheel is crooked....just can't win....!

The summary for now is, yes it seems that the wheels are interchangeable. But needs a little more time to get it right. And I just hope I haven't broken something....
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Have you got the workshop manual yet?

The wheel removal procedure shows a special tool to lock the airbag clockspring. Is it possible this has slipped and is preventing the wheel fitting on properly?
I already had JTIS, the "workshop manual" was more out of interest than anything else.

Yes saw the bit about the special tool, but I also saw a number of threads on this, and other forums, where people had changed thier wheel over without issue;

I'm hoping the problem is because I didn't put it back on "straight" even though the marks lined up.
Feeling a bit stupid now, that I didn't do my usual slow, steady, take lots of pictures routine.
But i've had the steering wheel off other cars before without any problems...

Driving the X-Type to work this morning, I noticed a similar sized gap between the back of the wheel & the shroud around the steering column. I know there's no relation between the two, but it's got me a bit paranoid now...

Starting to wish I hadn't tried this....
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OK, success finally! Woo Hoo!

Just to clear up some of my paranoid fears;

1. The gap between the wheel and the shroud around the steering column is normal. I checked the connectors for the power to the original heated wheel, they are spring loaded which push onto metal rings mounted on the back of the XJR wheel. They would not move back any further than a couple of mm, so that's that.

2. You need to remove those spring-loaded pins as mentioned above, otherwise they foul the plastic cover on the back of the STR wheel, or swap over the plastic cover from the XJR wheel to the STR wheel.

3. To get the airbag to sit correctly in the STR wheel, I had to swap over the metal bracket from inside the XJR wheel. There are little white plastic pins that locate the airbag. The ones on the STR wheel sat taller, but with a shorter pins to hold the airbag. It was a straight swap. Now the airbag sits correctly in the wheel.

4. After three attempts, I managed to get the wheel on straight.

So there you go... It can be done!

I now have a nice, full-leather, chunky, sporty wheel. The only downside is it's not great loss....
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