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S Type Monaco split rim wheel valve bolt needed. please can you help me?

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Dear All,
Have recently bought a wheel off ebay but valve bolt is missing.
Buyer then supplied RX11 BBS bolt valve which is too big.
Think I need RS11 bolt valve.
Am not prepared to pay for return carriage for unsatisfactory item.
If you have wrecked one of these wheels trying to remove the bolts but still have an extractable valve bolt I should be very keen to purchase it.
Alternatively, anyone know where to buy one at a reasonable price?
Thanks for your help.
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By valve bolt do you mean the dust cover that screws in to cover the valve, just so happens I have 4 of them from a set of BBS 18" Monacos Or do you mean the valve adapter required to put air in?
Try Steve at he is the man for the BBS Jag wheels.
Thanks Cambo.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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