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S-type Radiator

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Hello Guys,

I am looking for to buy an after market or a cheap genuine radiator for my S-Type 2003 3.0L. Please any help will be appreciated.

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I replaced mine on my late 2002 which is the same rad as yours. The 1999-2002 ones are different as the gearbox has it own rad but ours have the gearbox cooling built into the rad.

I could not find any aftermakets one and ended up getting a good 2nd hand one.
Youre best off ringing Advanced as they have far more suppliers/number of suppliers not all listed online
0191 2673312
Hello Guys, I have trouble finding the right Radiator for my Car on this website as suggested here : Diagram ...................................................................... . This is the part number jaguar gave me this morning : C2C36506 but Advanced Radiator can't cross reference it. Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks
Ring them as some arent listed online
Thanks a bunch BuckMR2, I finally got mine with a decent price and two years warrantee with the fittings I should not spend a fortune as previously quoted by an Independent garage. Many thanks to other members that assisted me on the quest.
God Bless.

Hi, I'm browsing old postings for information on the removal and refitting of a replacement radiator for my late 2002 S-Type Automatic It looks as if we both have the same car. What route did you take to remove the old rad? I started to do the job and decided that my problem was a leaking overflow tank instead but subsequently realised that the rad was also definitely goosed. Did you have to degass the AC system or can you wiggle around the connections? Importantly, does it lift out or drop out?
I 'd appreciate any pointers, writhing around under cars is a daunting thought nowadays. Regards, John.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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