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S type Radio model no

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Morning all I am confused with the part no on the back of my radio,that's no surprise really.My one is 2R83-18B876-BJ
There are some on a well known site that have the same long no but the last two letters are different, there are AF BG AE BH BE variants any one know if the last two letters make any difference.
The problem I have with the radio is it has lost its ability to find stations.I have changed the amplifier in the C pillar with two different ones but to no success.The heated screen works perfectly,so in my understanding it must be the radio.True or not what do you think.
Your help would be very appreciated.
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The last numbers are version or revision numbers, I have used a number of different radio units with tape or cd with no problems.

Later ones, post late 2005, don't work with the backdoor method to override the security code so get one that has the code with it.
Many thanks Graham for the info, so do I get this right because my car is 2007 I will need to get a radio that has the code supplied?
Yes, as a rule never buy a radio without a code unless it is very cheap as you may have to pay to get the code, although Jaguar dealers help if you have the vin of the car itcame from.

Commercial suppliers can usually do it from the serial number
Have you tried connecting an aerial directly to the radio in case there is a problem with the wiring from or to the amplifier.
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