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Safety get you home mode

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Hay guys, yesterday my x-type 2.5 suddenly flicked into get you home mode, the engine management light come on, the yellow warning light came on and the info screen said 'cruise not available'

About 40 seconds later the cruise came back and the car would rev fully again but the engine management light stayed on. After getting home, a few hours later I went out and all the lights were off.

Today I was driving to go camping and after about 60 miles it all came back and I am now stuck facing another 25 miles :(

Any idea what the prob could be? I had one reluctor ring changed about 4 weeks ago so I don't want to put words in your mouth but could it be the other one away.
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First thing to check (and easiest and cheapest) is the crankcase breather pipe under the engine cover.Its about 7" long and commonly splits on AWD models underneath allowing unmetered air in.Takes a minute to check and duct tape until you get a new (sturdier) pipe
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