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Samco hoses

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Does anyone know where I can get a set of Silicone hoses for an Str ? My new genuine hoses have started popping after just a few thousand miles,the nasty one under the supercharger has let go again.Samco dont have Jaguar listed and Paragon only have mention of the 4.0 litre supercharged,nothing for the 4.2.
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Why not go for some industrial grade hoses. Maybe Pirtek or someone from the high-pressure hydraulic sector?
Id prefere things to be easy,i want to send money a receive ready made hoses if at all possible,if not then a custom route it will have to be,but how much time and potch is that gonna be,esp as car will have to be stripped and hoses removed then sent away I assume
Faster, Cheaper, Better. Pick two cause you can't have all three!
Pirtek have fully equipped vans that could possibly make them up there and then providing the connections are fairly standard, so down time would be minimum. Gotta be worth a phone call.
Who asked for cheaper? not me ,ive ordered a set off Paragon for £600
Hi. BB I hope that sorts out the problem. Will you be making the 11 Aug Santa Pod IV day ? If so I look forward to seeing you again. :)
You have ordered from Paragon are they specials, or do the 4 litre ones fit ?
Who asked for cheaper? not me ,ive ordered a set off Paragon for £600
£600????!!!! My head hurts, I need to lay down...

What do you get for that kind of money? Better be a lifetime warranty involved!
Jerry,hopefully mate
Merlin,the 4.0 litre fits,he said the radiator pipes may need fettleing does include hose clips lol
Well, apparently my hoses are gonna be with me midweek. Ive got the car booked in somewhere I havnt used before,Sterling Jaguar. They have given me a quote of £560 to replace all the hoses and the coolant. After the mental money Ive paid in Stratstones and Paramount performance I thought that quote was fabulous.Plus theyre picking the car up on a wagon for me inc.
Sorry things are a bit fuzzy, I hit my head when I fell off my chair here....

Is that £600 for the hoses and another £560 for the labour to fit them....???

Or am I seeing double....?
I read it as you suspect Cambo, £1160 all in :(
I hope my pulley upgrade doesn't give me this much trouble
That's a lot of cash to ensure a safe pulley upgrade! I wonder how many other people have had problems since upgrading?
Mines seems to have suffered worse than most,the car has now done 130k so maybe that has ad an effect. It appears the valley pipe has gone for the 2nd time,though I cant say for definate as it cant be viewed.The £600 includes clips,nice ones I believe and all the tees I believe are in steel or similar.I thought the quote was really good,the last time the valley pipes went it ran into a couple of grand at the stealers. Its a shame ,all this time waiting has given me such itchy feet...that cossie was the mutts nuts...cant wait till Wednesday now. If I do decide to sell someone will get one nice str,in 3 yrs ive spent nearly 20k on it,not including purchase price. ...its just so darn pretty u can forgive it anything
Wow thats some dosh you've laid out there BB. But I guess that when the engine cooling is sorted you just gotta look at keeping that SC cool. The SC cooling can be done very efficiently with NOS and you can also kick ass with smug kids in Red Corsa's ;)
We will see ,im still contemplating changing it atm
bb can you tell us how many PSI is your pulley worth. They talk about 3lb, 1.5lb, and so on...
I believe their reference equate to 3lb for the top pulley on the 4.0 or 4.2, and the bottom pulley on the 4.0, the 1.5lb is the bottom pulley on the 4.2 - I think.
Thats way too technical a question for me. The hoses arrived on Wednesday hallelulyah. The jag was taken 9.30 Wednesday evening on a lorry.Donnas been carless now for 6 weeks :(,as I have had 2 take her landrover off her for works use......We may yet still be buying a scooby if we can sort a deal im happy with.If we do the plan atm is to keep the jag too...for the moment at least. Unless anyone here wants to offer me a good price.
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