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Sat Nav not announcing directions anymore!!

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Whilst I'm in a fix car mood.

The sat nav stopped giving directions a while back. It still flags up on the message centre and the nav screen. Everything else works as normal, just no voice telling you to take the next left at the roundabout, etc.

Any ideas? I've checked all the settings but might have missed something.

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Have you accidentally put the voice on mute? There's a setting which you can turn off the voice, I have done this myself as the message centre and display is enough for me, sometimes get fed up of having the music interrupted. Another thing it could be is, do you have a cd changer? If so, does it still work as normal, because if not your d2b (fibre optic) network could be down.
I had this fault, it was the optical link from the back of the screen, but could be any one of the plugs, did you change anything?
Cheers, we haven't used the CD changer for a long time but I'll give it a go and check all the fibre optic cables.
Definitely not on Mute, been through all the menus in case something had got changed but all seems normal.
Have had the same fault, a lot of posts on this topic..... My problem was caused by the daisy chain cable that links the cd changer and the DVD sat nav, it had worked loose, was an intermittent problem for some time and then voice stopped altogether... It's a bit tight to fit your hand in behind the unit so I removed the changer pushed the fittings back in and all is well... I have since discovered that if you have the audio speakers fade set to rear then you do not get any voice...

15 minute fix, good luck.....
I had this a while back, took the dvd out, cleaned it, put it back - no more problem.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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