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Second introduction

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Something went wrong... I joined you people last week, posted a couple of times, got some replies even. Then this morning my login wouldn't work and my previous introduction post has vanished :(

So Hello again :D
I live in west Cumbria and have owned a S-Type D SE for nigh on 2 years now and smile every time I climb into it
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Welcome again, sorry you had a login problem, I think others have had this problem since the change to new forum
Thanks Barney. I'm almost scared to log off now in case it happens again, but I'm at work and going home soon. Fingers crossed.....
Welcome again if you cant log on again press forgot password and they should send you a new one to get you back on then you can change your password in your profil settings but you have to use a new password not the one you had before, it happened to me about 7 times
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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