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Seized aircon compressor pulley - shorter belt?

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Hi All,

My partner has a '54 plate 2.0d X-type which refused to start last week. Initially I suspected the starter - everything pointed to it not working and I'd had problems with it before. New starter - still no joy. Then I realised the engine wasn't turning because the auxiliary belt wasn't able to move and after a process of elimination, I found the compressor to be the culprit. Took the belt off and now the car fires.

The compressor pulley is completely seized. I had thought removing the clutch might be enough, but no, even with that out it won't turn (although oddly enough the actual compressor does turn).

As we're thinking of changing cars in six months, I'm not after a permanent solution (or even an elegant one!). I'm wondering if it is possible to fit a shorter belt that just loops round the main pulley, alternator and tensioner (and misses out the a/c compressor). I've seen posts on Ford forums of people suggesting they've done it, but no-one seems to give details. Has anyone here tried similar or know if this is possible?

The other alternative is sourcing a second-hand compressor and swapping it in - I wouldn't bother gassing it or anything, just use it as a pulley!

Any comments and hints (or part-numbers for a shorter belt) welcome!

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Perhaps you'll lose more in the future if you sell it as is than it will cost to repair it - with a used compressor assy and a gas refill
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