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Service kits

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Hi guys, I'm poor these days so I'll be doing as much as possible myself and could use a little help. Is there somewhere on line I can get a decent oil service kit, ebay etc. I've just got a set of pads all round to do and the front discs at the moment, but this car has been very good to me mechanically speaking and I'd quite like to give her the once over.

I'd like to do the plugs as well but I've heard horror stories regarding replacing them.

I have the 05 estate 3.0 Sovereign auto and it's dual fuel LPG, can someone point me to the correct oil required etc and also where the hell is the pollen filter located!

Any help appreciated chaps.
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Follow this link for replacing the pollen filter

Spark plugs, if you're competent, can be changed in a couple of hours, you just need to remove the inlet manifold, take your time, remembering where things came from. People just think it's daunting because you have to remove the manifold, but I did this myself and save a fair few quid!
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