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Hi all,

Have just spotted my rear shocks are leaking, now im looking for a good 2nd hand pair.

My question is are 99-2002 the same as 2002 onwards?

Thanks Simon.
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I have a brand new Jaguar boxed rear shock
Might not be suitable for yours as the vin number range is from 2004.5MY and there have been a lot of part numbers and supercessions over the years for different vin ranges
Its for an S TYPE without CATS and retails at around £194
I have the part number at work and will list it on Monday in the classifieds with more info
Off the top of my head I think these are the details
From VIN (N13089) To VIN (N52047)

comfort suspension
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I have to ask, why are you thinking of used ones? Are you selling the car?

According to a Jaguar spares company they list 1999 - M45254 and M45254 - N13088 as different items.
Mines the late 02 one.

why are you thinking of used ones? No not selling, used ones for cost!

Its the rear ones which are leaking, but i have just done the bounce test and the rear is very firm but the fronts do bounce a bit, also noticed it bounces at speed. So it looks like a may need to replace the fronts as well. The car has done 190,000 miles.
i have two rear cats shocks ,
Don't put second hand shock absorbers on a car.............please.
As Victor says, dont put 2nd hand shocks on!! There are a few items you should NEVER buy 2nd hand IMO, brake discs, pads, balljoints, wishbones ect. Buy cheap, buy twice or thrice!

Also may be a good idea to have a "repair fund" for your car, I have £1000 for unexpected car repairs, when I spend some on repairs, I top it back up again. Granted not everyone has lots of money these days, but try and save something for future repairs.
Thanks, but with no 'repair fund' and the jags mot in 6 weeks and having 2 leaking rear shocks, front shocks which bounce at speed, OSR rear wishbone to hub bush worn and 2 tyres needed and the shocks costing £150 each for rears and £200 each for fronts (and thats not jaguars prices), 2nd hand shocks it has to be!
You may be surprised by Jaguar prices, I bought mine for £99 each for the front ones, late 2002 car also.
But by the time you buy the second hand shocks pay to have them fitted (or fit your self), 6 months later you have to buy another set so in the end you've spent the same amount as buying new shocks but wasted hours or money having them removed fitted twice. Bite the bullet and buy new shocks,then it'll be years before they need replacing again. Get the wishbone bush and fronts at the same time and you'll save money in labour costs too.

Bit of an outlay at the beginning, but will save time and money in the long run. Been there done that, got the t-shirt, false economy in my opinion.

Well as MOT in a few weeks and don't have £700 for new shocks, so got a 2nd hand set from Eurojag for a every good price. Fitted them over the weekend.

What a different it makes!
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