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Smoke coming in the air vents.

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Took a drive out in the car today and after a run down the motorway when we got to a slow road smoke/steam was coming out of the engine bay and a fine mist of smoke through the air vents.
There were no warnings of any type. I assume the car had heated up to burn the DPF, but when I parked up there was no electronic fan on which I would have expected.
Checked the manual to see if the rad cooler fuse has gone and it claims that fuse no 45 in front engine bay is violet 100A fuse for rad fan, but the fuses only go up to 44 :)

Car is 2012 xf (facelift) 3.0 diesel sport.

If I need to read any of the engine codes, could someone advise which is the best reader - or all the cheap one's off ebay the same ?
Any ideas where to start with this one please ?
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