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Hi all

I am the (happy) owner of 04 X-Type 2.0D sport for 6 years now. (Knock on the wood, never had problems with the car). The car was regulary serviced in the authorised Jaguar garage.

Since the day one of owning the car, it was smoking (black thick smoke) like crazy when accelerating. Both the mechanics and here on this forum, it was said that this is the "fact of life", and more-or-less nothing can be done about it. So, I got used to it, and never actually raised any questions on it afterwards...

Due to tough times, I am late with the scheduled service. I have checked oil a week ago, and seen that the level is a bit low. So I decided to add some oil. As the car should be serviced soon, and oil replaced, I didn't do much fuss about the brand of oil I will purchase - this was just a short term stop-gap solution anyhow..

After adding the oil into the engine, it stopped smoking. I am utterly confused about this - is this the oil causing it? Why the regular oil changes didn't do this for the car? Any insight why would it stop smoking all of sudden after all these years???

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"black thick smoke" is not indicative of healthy motor and not a fact of life. The diesels do throw out a bit of soot under hard acceleration (not much) but not under normal driving. I can't comment on the reasons why it's suddenly stopped after an oil topup but I would definitely monitor the oil level after the next service. If it is using oil then you've got problems. Otherwise your smoke problem may be something as simple as a EGR valve, air sensor/s or injectors.
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