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So Called Crash Repair

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Reported previously on strength of XJR,after mine was rearranged by a minibus. Went to collect yesterday and was mortified by the 'Repairs'.
While the dents along the front edge of the bonnet seemed nicely sorted, I spotted that the offside headlights were still out of line, then the bumper wasn't straight, then I spotted the 2'' by 1'' spleb of paint further up the bonnet with a lovely run leading from it!! Then that where the bonnet meets the offside wing, there seemed to be a big bend and gap that wasn't there after the accident!!!!!
I can't believe that I was told it was ready to collect or that the repairers would let a car out in a worse condition than when it arrived. So I left the car with them and back into the loan Bmw.
I will refrain from naming the repairer at the moment in the hope that my Jag will be mint when I return to them. If not a full name and shame will follow!

As to the loan car I've been supplied with a brand new BMW 520 turbo diesel, 1500 miles on the clock. A very nice car but, it has this engine cut out feature when stationary,which is fine at traffic lights, crossings etc. But when you are in a traffic jam just drives me nuts ! And forget any quick junction exits it would just be an accident.

Do any of the current Jags feature this system? Personally I could not live with it.
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yes the new XF have it.

As for the BMW, there must be a button and you can deactivate the auto "stop-start"
Yeah you have to run it in sport rather than comfort mode. Does this system work with petrol aswell as diesel? Sounds like trouble once car is a few years old!
Turn it off
Hi Phildm.
I am not surprised to hear of your woes with the "repairer" I am assuming you went with the "approved repairer" and not your own choice, don't waiver from your stance and next time take an expert with you if you can, it worked for me and I eventually got mine back good as new (couldn't see a join) just one thing to be wary of--if the so called repairer has notified the Insurance team of the completed work then legally from that date someone other than the liable insurance Co will have to pay for your hire car, unfortunately as you are the claimant they will look at you for payment but it will be the repairer who should take responsibility, I hope all goes well for you.

Re approved repairers
Insurers have their own approved repairers where they get discounted rates.
Anyone can take their car to whichever repairer they want but read your small print as you will often have to pay a higher excess (often double) if insurer unable to claim costs ie non fault and no 3rd party liabilty admission or a fault claim and not be given a courtesy car.
Also guarantees are usually inferior (eg if it was us we give a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own the car on repairs due to the quality of paint etc used as we get a lifetime guarantee from them but manufacturers/others who use not as high a quality paint tend to give 3 yrs or less).
The repairer should be approached to be given a chance to rectify any issues that were missed during the repair quality checks and final quality check (concerns which should never be missed)..then insurer then ombudsman perhaps.
We sometimes do remedial work for other insurers if PH is local where their approved garage(s) has failed on quality but this is rare,as they usually put right issues to avoid getting quality concern black mark with the insurer.
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Hi, Picked up XJR on Saturday and the repairs were ok this time, Though car wasn't even hoovered out which surprised me. Certainly would not use this repairer in future. When I refused the return originally I phoned the insurance company from the garage and ok'd that I could continue to use the loan car till happy with my car.

Have to say wonderful to be back in the beast, even though the Bmw was brand new it can't compare to my Jag. What could I replace this car with? Four very happy years with this car, Nine years with my x300 before the x350. You cannot beat JAGUAR.
Glad to hear you are now pleased with the results and have your pride and joy back in your own hands and can enjoy it once again. :)
It still doesnt sound like your 100% happy
The car should have been cleaned inside (glass/checks/vacuumed/plastics/dash etc) and cleaned outside (wheels/tyres/paintwork/chromes/blacks/glass/etc).Have they cleaned the paste from the edges of panels etc?
I would be checking the car in good sunlight when clean especially when its been returned with their muck and sh1t in the car.
If that ever happened at our place the valeter would get pulled straight up infront of the bodyshop manager!
If they cant even clean a car what else have they skimped on during the repair!
Hi BuckMR2, they did thoroughly clean the outside and remove paste etc. But I do feel unhappy with them, slight bad taste left and all that. I'm gonna clean her all out tonight. And am going to the I.O.W next week in her for a few days rest. I really do love this car, and although I have had a few issues like having to change all the hoses and bad tyre wear, having a brand new beemer for a fortnight just brings home how good the XJR is. I've covered just under 60,000 miles while I've had her, including blasts to belgium and germany on business a couple of times a year, plus various trips to factories in the north and I think every trip has put a smile on my face. Plus even when there has been trouble she's never failed to get me home (touch wood).! Really don't know what will come next, the new XJ is nice but very expensive, an XFR is a possible but it's not an XJ is it.
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