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Some pics of XKCC 3 day tour of North Devon

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Just back from 4 nights away with the XKCC, amazingly (for Devon) great weather, great hotel and great people 👍.
Thought I would stick a few pics up of the cars.
Wasn't just Cornwall and Devon members, there was cars from all over the UK, 22 in total.

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Sky Land vehicle

Tire Wheel Car Sky Land vehicle

Wheel Car Land vehicle Tire Vehicle
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Is this a once a year thing John or do they organise other trips too.
No Jim they have at least a couple of long weekends a year, Derby and Yorkshire in September, plus every 3rd Sunday they have a drive and dine which is a bit more local. Also various activities like a couple of BBQS and what have you. All for £10 a year ☺
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Certainly good value then for a tenner. (y)
Certainly is, really friendly people too 👍
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