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A different type of squeak which one of our motors encountered might amuse.

Background info - we have an ATV, which is a sort of quad like vehicle with four-wheel-drive, a fairly powerful four-stroke engine and agricultural style tyres.
It is used annually for the olive harvest, when up to about a ton and a half of fruit in forty kilo sacks have to be shifted from eight levels on our finca to our main gate where, depending on volume, we either hire a skip or just load up our vehicles and take the crop to the press.
This means that only a few kms have been added to the clock every year for the past fifteen years, but it still gets an annual once-over and service and a biennial ITV (MoT) test; our local workshop do the checks and take it to the test centre and back.
We do all this because we want it insured, as the route to collect olives strays onto a shared track or just off our land and also other than myself drive it and there is always a risk of a claim by a third party.

It has just returned from its service and test, with two small problems:

- Firstly, the tiny battery refused to retain a charge this year, so a new one installed.

- The other requirement was for a new air filter, when usually it just needs removing and a blast of compressed air.
However, this year, on removing the filter, there was an abandoned (fortunately) rodents nest beautifully constructed inside it.

Much amusement at the workshop, and they have kept it as an exhibit and talking point.

Squeak, squeak!
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