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Squeaky back wheel

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Hi Guys,
Im new to the forum, wondered if i could get some advice, i bought a 02 jag x-type about a month ago, but i have a small annoying problem, my rear drivers side wheel sqeaks quite loudly after the car has been running for a short time, as soon as i put very slight pressure on the brake pedal it stops but continues again after taking foot of brake pedal, whoever had the car before me looks like they had the brake pads renewed recently, i have put copper grease on the pads thinking it was that but still doing it, any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Could be a possible wheel bearing on the way out, jack up the wheel and check for play. Also check the metal plate behind the disk, sometimes these can bend and slightly rub on the disk, causing it to make noises, usually a scraping noise, not a squeak, but its one less thing to rule out.
Also, try taking the disk off and copper greasing where the disk mates up to the hub

More than likely a sticking caliper,when you get back from a short run in it, put your hand near to the wheel, if it feel's hotter than the other side you need to get it replaced. If you can,get a set of post 2004 caliper's as these were upgraded to stop the siezing up problem.
if you go for mondeo mk3 estate calipers you will find the same part but cost less
or if you want better brakes altogether get the ford st calipers
ok guys, thanks, will try these things out during the week,
Noticed today that the squeak is coming from both rear wheels, neither seem that hot after a short run, i did check for play when i had wheels off last week to copper grease the pads, could it still be the capilers?
I have this on mine, and I know exactly what it is with mine, and yours could be the same. I have recently renewed the discs, pads, and one caliper on the rear because one slider had seized, and the rubber seal was worn on the caliper. I put the copper grease on, but just as you describe I keep getting this squeek. I traced it to the small spring clips in the slider bracket that hold the pads, and it is one of these not quite seated properly and it catches o the disc. I haven't got round to sorting this on mine yet, as it has a limp mode fault that it has had since the end of February. I need to sort this first as it is MOT time in July, but I can't pin the fault down. My local friendly Jag specialist has a software problem, and can't look at it for me yet.
Hi Xtypefirsttiimer

Thanks for your reply, i have noticed when i turn corners, the squeak becomes louder on the side which is taking more weight, which could be what you are suggesting, but would it stop squeaking when the brake pedal was softly pressed ? i thought if the sliders were rubbing on the disc, they would contiue to squeak even though the brakes were applied? Hope you find your fault out soon!:confused:
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