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I spent a bit of time in Industry as a kid , Trade Unions were my thing and I was fortunate to be elected to the Executive
of a Major Union , in fact one current Trade Union Leader I saved from the sack over an Incident on a Picket Line but that
was decades ago and I have toiled on my own behalf ever since .
When your self employed it can often be the loneliest place in the world , you miss those Relationships , Friendships and
Allegiances and instead it becomes like Tunnel Vision focussing on some elusive goal that more often than not becomes a
crock of **** in the end , or maybe you just spend too much time on something that the climax can never match your
expectations . It was the above Article that got me thinking about the Workplace , in this case Peak Freans Biscuit Factory
though I suppose it was replicated in any amount of Factories , I am talking about relationships , Boy meets Girl or even
Man meets Woman , I always associate it with the Fifties , Sixties and Seventies for some reason , Klaxons heralding the
end of the shift , Women in Headscarves and Men with rolled up newspapers pushing bicycles streaming through Factory
Gates back to their Terraced Houses , I can almost taste it but sadly its all gone , lost forever . Some people however can
still remember how it was back then and some are still living with the consequences in a myriad of different ways , which
brings me onto this lovely story which I have highlighted above .
The picture of the Family around the table is very telling in my opinion , a young child of mixed race sits in amongst a
typical working class family , look how much affection is in the eyes of the lady as she gazes adoringly at the kid and
the young lad who sits opposite , he is looking with affection at the child also . Dad sits there , a typical Sarf London Ted
by the look of him , how many off them did we know back then ? Mother and Father have a secret , something that happened
some years ago back in the Biscuit Factory , but they have faced it together , come to a decision that they will battle on
together , face life as a family thats united and strong and with love and the grace of God they have made it through .
I think thats a lesson for all of us , don't you think ?

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Never contemplate suicide or self harm.

There are many trains, boats and planes to far away destinations and a new life, all.we need is a little funding for 2 months.

There are so many emotions in that story.

Too many to understand them all perhaps.

The bravest and strongest is the family's father. He deserves everybody's respect.

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